Truly Asia – Paradise for Criminals – Malaysia

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Truly Asia – Paradise for Criminals – Malaysia

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:11 am

Malaysia is full of people with bad luck?

Posted by: kkearthling
Yes, crime is so huge a concern, and at a stage where it makes people think that the goverment has failed, big time.

Safety issues I would say is at very critical / out of control level. It cannot be ignored as it is very relevant to the real people in their daily lives. It has become a shame so much so that when foreigner talk about wanting to visit Malaysia, I feel ashamed to tell them about Malaysia & will discourage them from visiting Malaysia!

I have stayed in Selangor for many years. I have moved to Dubai & what a difference I feel, Dubai is so much safer you can walk on the street anytime of the day or night without being paranoid, you can leave your bag on the street nobody will touch it & somebody will return it. Why? Simple, because of the goverment proactive meassures to name a few: they are serious in solving crime, they have good policy in ensuring who arrive on their land, that is only foreigners who are employed get to stay here, not foreigners who have no jobs wanting to find jobs.

In USJ alone, my left, right, front, on the same street, or neighbours behind had been victims of at least one type of crime, snatch thefts, car thefts, parang wielding robbers in the house, etc. My father’s house in Melaka had been burglarised. My own car had been stolen. A relative was robbed at the car park & shot in the head. What on earth is going on?

Do you call that bad luck? How can that be bad luck for almost everybody? If that’s bad luck, Malaysia must be full of people with bad luck!

It is so easy to solve crime in Malaysia as the modus operandi of each type of crime is so well recorded and reported in the media, one wonders what on earth is the police doing? You just have to wait at the traffic lights, the petrol station, the residential streets to nab snatch thieves, for example, chances are the same type of crime in the same area is committed by the same people. Ok, perhaps our dear policemen are indeed trying harder now, but they need the policy makers to do a better job (aka policy makers not doing enough), it’s the whole system that need to be revamped.

We need more Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes, more Arnold to nab criminals as well as revamping of the entire system involving the authorities who decides on immigration policy, law enforcement, etc.

I dread to even return to Malaysia for holiday break even when Dubai is extremely hot in the summer. If I have to step my foot on Malaysia, I will have switch to extreme mode of survival – to be on 101% alert of my surrounding, to be suspicious of everybody, to continue driving even if I have all 4 tyres punctured!

Good Luck to you & me whenever in Malaysia. Being paranoid, KiaSi is the norm now.


KW, Dubai UAE

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